New Pan Card Online Form, Correction, Link to Aadhar 2023

new PAN card, make corrections to an existing PAN card, and link your PAN card to Aadhaar, please note that processes and guidelines might have changed since then, so it’s essential to visit the official websites for the latest information.

1. New PAN Card Online Form:

To apply for a new PAN card, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Income Tax Department of India or the NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) or UTIITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited).

Step 2: Look for the “Apply for New PAN Card” or “Online PAN Application” section on the website.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate form (Form 49A for Indian citizens or Form 49AA for foreign citizens).

Step 4: Fill in all the required details in the online form, such as your name, date of birth, address, and other relevant information.

Step 5: Upload the necessary documents, which may include identity proof, address proof, and a recent photograph as per the specifications mentioned on the website.

Step 6: Pay the prescribed application fee using various online payment methods available on the website.

Step 7: After successful submission, you will receive an acknowledgment with a unique 15-digit acknowledgment number. Keep this number for future reference.

2. Correction in PAN Card Online Form:

If there are any errors in your existing PAN card, you can rectify them by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official websites of the Income Tax Department, NSDL, or UTIITSL.

Step 2: Look for the “Request for PAN Card Correction” or “Apply for Changes/Correction in PAN” section.

Step 3: Select the appropriate form for correction (Form 49A or Form 49AA).

Step 4: Fill in the required details, including the corrected information and your existing PAN number.

Step 5: Upload supporting documents that validate the changes you want to make (such as identity proof or address proof).

Step 6: Pay the relevant fee for the correction application.

Step 7: Submit the form, and you will receive an acknowledgment with a unique number for future reference.

3. Link PAN Card to Aadhaar:

As per Indian government regulations, it is mandatory to link your PAN card with your Aadhaar card. To do this, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Income Tax Department’s official website or the Aadhaar portal.

Step 2: Look for the “Link Aadhaar” or “Link PAN with Aadhaar” section on the website.

Step 3: Enter your PAN card number, Aadhaar number, and other required details.

Step 4: Verify the details and proceed to submit the linking request.

Step 5: If the details provided match the data in both databases, your PAN card will be successfully linked to your Aadhaar card.

Important Dates:-

– Application Begin: 01/01/2017

– Last Date for Registration: Not Announced by Govt.

Application Begin: This is the starting date from when individuals could begin applying for a PAN (Permanent Account Number) card using the specified application process. In this case, the application process for PAN cards started on January 1, 2017.

Last Date for Registration: The information states that the government has not announced a specific last date for PAN card registration. It implies that there is no deadline set by the government for submitting applications for a PAN card. As a result, applicants can continue to apply for a PAN card without any restriction on the end date for registration.

Received PAN Card: After submitting the PAN card application form, the processing authority will review the application, verify the provided details, and complete the necessary checks. Once the entire process is completed successfully, the PAN card will be dispatched to the address provided by the applicant during the application process. The time taken for dispatch may vary depending on the workload and processing time of the issuing authorities.

Application Fee:-

1. Indian Citizen (All Categories):

   – Application Fee: ₹107/-

   – This fee applies to all Indian citizens regardless of their category, such as individuals, companies, partnership firms, etc.

   – This fee is payable when applying for a new PAN card or making corrections to an existing PAN card.

2. Indian Citizen Resident Abroad (PAN Card Registration Dispatched Fee):

   – Application Fee: ₹989/-

   – This fee is specifically for Indian citizens who are residing abroad (non-resident Indians) and are applying for a new PAN card or making corrections to an existing PAN card.

   – The term “Dispatched Fee” suggests that this amount covers the cost of dispatching the PAN card to the applicant’s foreign address.

Payment Options:

– Applicants have the option to pay the registration fee using various methods:

  – Debit Card

  – Credit Card

  – Net Banking

  – Offline Payment (specifics about offline payment methods are not provided)

Document Required for Pan Card:-

The documents required for PAN card application serve as proof of identity, address, and other relevant information. As of my last update in September 2021, the following documents are typically accepted as proof:

1. Aadhaar Card:

   – The Aadhaar card is a government-issued identification document containing a unique 12-digit Aadhaar number. It serves as a valid proof of both identity and address.

2. Voter Identity Card (Voter ID):

   – The Voter ID card, issued by the Election Commission of India, is a recognized identity document for Indian citizens eligible to vote. It can be used as a proof of identity.

3. Arms License:

   – An arms license is issued to individuals who are authorized to possess firearms. It may be accepted as a valid proof of identity.

4. Passport:

   – A passport is an official travel document issued by the government, and it serves as both proof of identity and address.

5. Driving License (DL):

   – A valid driving license issued by the regional transport authority can be used as proof of identity.

6. Pension Card with Photograph:

   – A pension card issued by a relevant government authority, along with a photograph of the applicant, can serve as a proof of identity.

7. Ration Card:

   – A ration card issued by the government can be accepted as a valid proof of identity and address.

8. Photo ID Card Issued By Any Central / State Government Authority:

   – This category includes various photo identity cards issued by government authorities at the central or state level. These cards can be used as proof of identity.

9. Any Other Related Supported Document:

   – This category might include additional documents that are recognized by the government as valid proofs of identity, address, or other relevant details.

Fill New Pan Form Online Form:-

Filling out the new PAN card application form online involves several steps. As of my last update in September 2021, here’s a general overview of the process:

1. **Open Online Application Form:**

   – Visit the official website of the Income Tax Department of India, NSDL, or UTIITSL, where online PAN card applications are accepted.

   – Look for the option to apply for a new PAN card or make corrections to an existing PAN card.

2. **Choose the Category:**

   – Select the appropriate category from the provided options. Categories may include:

     – Individual

     – Army

     – Navy

     – Airforce

     – Company

     – Partner

     – Firm

   – Choose the category that best fits your profile.

3. **Enter Your Basic Details:**

   – Fill in the required fields with accurate information. The information you’ll need to provide may include:

     – Full Name

     – Father’s Name

     – Date of Birth (DOB)

     – Residential Address

     – Mobile Number

     – Email ID

     – Any other related details that are necessary for the selected category.

4. **Declaration and Submission:**

   – After entering your details, carefully review the information you’ve provided.

   – Accept the declaration stating that the information provided is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.

   – Double-check all the information before proceeding.

5. **Submit PAN Card Form:**

   – Once you’ve reviewed your information and accepted the declaration, submit the form. This action sends your application for processing.

6. **Pay the Registration Fee:**

   – After submitting the form, you will need to make the payment of the registration fee.

   – Payment can usually be made using methods like debit card, credit card, net banking, or other online payment options.

7. **Note / Print Your Acknowledgement Number:**

   – After successful payment, you will receive an acknowledgement number.

   – It’s important to note down or print this acknowledgement number. This number is used to track the status of your PAN card application and can be useful for future references.

Official Website:-

The official website “” belongs to UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL), a government-owned company that provides various services, including PAN card services, financial and IT solutions, and more.

1. **Home Page and Navigation:** The home page of the website will likely contain a navigation menu or links that allow you to explore different sections of the website. These sections could include services, products, about UTIITSL, contact information, and more.

2. **PAN Card Services:** Since UTIITSL is known for providing PAN card-related services, you can expect to find sections dedicated to PAN card applications, corrections, and other related services. These sections might contain information about the application process, required documents, fees, and guidelines.

3. **Other Services:** UTIITSL offers a range of services beyond PAN cards. These could include services related to financial transactions, technology solutions, insurance, and more. You might find information about these services on the website as well.

4. **Application Forms:** The website might provide downloadable application forms for various services offered by UTIITSL. These forms could be available in PDF format, allowing users to print and fill them out for submission.

5. **Customer Support:** Contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, could be provided for customer support and inquiries. This information can help users get in touch with UTIITSL’s customer service for assistance.

6. **Online Services:** Depending on the website’s functionality, there might be online services available, such as tracking the status of your PAN card application, making payments, and accessing other relevant information.

7. **News and Updates:** The website might feature news, updates, and announcements related to UTIITSL’s services, changes in regulations, or other relevant information.

8. **Privacy and Security:** Given the sensitive nature of personal information involved in services like PAN card applications, the website might have sections explaining the privacy and security measures in place to protect user data.

Apply Online(Instant Pan Card)

Apply Online (Pan Card / Status / Correction / Update)

Link Pan Card to Aadhar


**Q1: How can I apply for a new PAN card online?**

A1: To apply for a new PAN card online, you can visit the official website of the Income Tax Department or authorized service providers such as UTIITSL. Fill out the online application form, provide necessary details, upload documents, pay the required fee, and submit the form. You will receive an acknowledgment number to track your application status.

**Q2: What documents are required for a new PAN card application?**

A2: Documents such as Aadhaar card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Arms License, Pension Card with Photograph, Ration Card, or any government-issued Photo ID card can be submitted as proof of identity and address. Refer to the list of accepted documents on our website for more details.

**Q3: How can I track the status of my PAN card application?**

A3: You can track your PAN card application status using the acknowledgment number provided to you during the application process. Visit our website’s “Track Application” section, enter your acknowledgment number, and get real-time updates on your application status.

**Q4: Can I make corrections to my existing PAN card online?**

A4: Yes, you can make corrections to your existing PAN card online. Visit our website, select the “Correction” option, fill out the necessary details, upload supporting documents, and pay the applicable fee. After submission, you’ll receive an acknowledgment number for tracking.

**Q5: How do I link my PAN card to Aadhaar?**

A5: Linking your PAN card to Aadhaar is mandatory. You can do this online through the Income Tax Department’s e-filing website. Navigate to the “Link Aadhaar” section, enter your PAN, Aadhaar number, and other details as requested. After verification, the linkage will be confirmed.

**Q6: What is the fee for PAN card application?**

A6: The fee varies based on your category and residency. For Indian citizens (all categories), the fee is ₹107. For Indian citizens residing abroad, the fee is ₹989 (including dispatch charges). Payment can be made using Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, or other available options.

**Q7: How long does it take to receive the PAN card after applying?**

A7: After successful submission and processing of your application, the PAN card is usually dispatched within a few weeks. You can track the delivery status using the acknowledgment number.

**Q8: What should I do if there’s an error in my PAN card details?**

A8: If there’s an error in your PAN card details, you can apply for corrections online. Fill out the correction form, provide accurate information, and upload supporting documents. After verification, the corrected PAN card will be issued.