Oil India Limited Vacancy Notification 55 Domain Expert, 69 Supervisor, Maintenance Assistant Recruitment 2023 – 2024

Oil India Limited is a government-owned oil and gas exploration company in India. It’s involved in various activities related to exploration, production, and transportation of crude oil and natural gas. The company periodically conducts recruitment drives to hire skilled and qualified professionals for its various departments and projects.

1. **Advertisement and Notification:** Oil India Limited releases official recruitment notifications detailing the positions available, eligibility criteria, educational qualifications, experience required, age limits, application procedures, and other relevant information.

2. **Application Submission:** Interested candidates are required to apply for the advertised positions through the specified mode, which could be an online application form or a physical application submission. Applicants need to provide accurate information, including personal details, educational background, work experience, and any other required documentation.

3. **Screening of Applications:** After the application deadline, Oil India Limited’s recruitment team reviews all received applications to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria and have provided the necessary documents. Shortlisting is done based on these initial checks.

4. **Admit Card Issuance:** For positions that require written tests or interviews, eligible candidates are issued admit cards or hall tickets containing details about the examination or interview date, time, venue, and any other important instructions.

5. **Selection Process:** The selection process can vary based on the nature of the position. It might involve one or more of the following stages:

   – **Written Test:** For technical and non-technical positions, a written test might be conducted to assess candidates’ knowledge, reasoning, and other relevant skills.

   – **Interview:** Shortlisted candidates may be called for an interview to evaluate their suitability for the position. This could be a technical interview, HR interview, or a combination of both.

   – **Skill Test:** Some positions might require candidates to undergo practical skill tests to demonstrate their expertise in specific areas.

   – **Group Discussion or Presentation:** In certain cases, candidates might be asked to participate in group discussions or deliver presentations to assess their communication and teamwork skills.

6. **Final Selection:** Based on the performance in the various stages of the selection process, a final merit list of selected candidates is prepared. Those candidates are then offered employment with Oil India Limited.

Vacancy Details: –

 here’s a breakdown of the Oil India Limited vacancy details for the mentioned positions:

1. **Geology – 12 Vacancies:**

   This category pertains to positions in the field of geology, which involves the study of the Earth’s solid materials, its history, processes, and the various formations within it.

2. **Geology / Geophysics – 05 Vacancies:**

   These positions might involve a combination of geology and geophysics, which is the study of the physical properties of the Earth and its subsurface using various methods like seismic surveys, gravity, and magnetic studies.

3. **Geophysics – 12 Vacancies:**

   This category involves positions solely focused on geophysics, which includes the study of the Earth’s physical properties and the behavior of energy in its various forms within the planet.

4. **Reservoir – 05 Vacancies:**

   Reservoir engineers deal with the management of subsurface reservoirs containing oil, gas, or water. They work to maximize the recovery of hydrocarbons through careful analysis and engineering techniques.

5. **Reservoir / Chemical – 01 Vacancy:**

   This position could involve a combination of reservoir engineering and chemical expertise, likely aimed at optimizing reservoir performance through chemical treatments.

6. **Chemical – 03 Vacancies:**

   Chemical engineers in the oil and gas industry play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient and safe production, processing, and transportation of hydrocarbons through various chemical processes.

7. **Drilling – 10 Vacancies:**

   Drilling engineers are responsible for planning, designing, and overseeing the drilling operations that extract oil and gas from the Earth’s subsurface. They ensure efficient and safe drilling processes.

8. **Production – 06 Vacancies:**

   Production engineers focus on optimizing the extraction and production of oil and gas from wells. They ensure the smooth operation of production facilities and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

9. **Mechanical – 01 Vacancy:**

   The mechanical engineering position might involve roles related to maintenance, design, and operation of mechanical systems and equipment used in oil and gas production and exploration.


The eligibility criteria you’ve described pertain to candidates applying for certain positions in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry. Here’s a breakdown of the eligibility requirement:
**Eligibility Criteria:**
Candidates applying for these positions are required to have a minimum of 30 years of experience. This experience can be acquired through various avenues, including:
1. **Upstream Oil & Gas Industry:**
   Applicants should have gained substantial experience within the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry. This sector involves activities related to exploration, drilling, production, and management of oil and gas resources. Candidates with a background in roles such as exploration geologists, reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, production managers, and similar positions within this industry are eligible.
2. **Academic Institutions:**
   Candidates who have spent a significant portion of their career in academic institutions, such as universities or research organizations, may also fulfill the eligibility criteria. This could include individuals who have been involved in teaching, conducting research, and mentoring students in fields related to oil and gas exploration, geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, or related disciplines.
3. **Geological Survey of India:**
   Candidates who have worked for the Geological Survey of India, a government organization responsible for geological mapping and exploration, are also considered eligible. Their experience in geological research, mapping, and surveying contributes to their overall expertise.
4. **Combination of Experiences:**
   The eligibility criteria suggest that a combination of experience from the above-mentioned avenues is also acceptable. This means that candidates who have worked in multiple sectors, such as a combination of industry, academia, and geological surveying, can meet the 30-year experience requirement if the collective experience meets or exceeds the stipulated threshold.
It’s important to note that while the eligibility criteria highlight the minimum years of experience and the allowable avenues for acquiring that experience, other qualifications might also be considered. These could include specific educational backgrounds, certifications, achievements, and contributions to the field.

Restriction on Age:-

 Here’s a breakdown of the age criteria:
**Age Restrictions:**
1. **Maximum Age Limit – 60 Years:** Candidates applying for these positions must not be above the age of 60 years as of a specified date. This means that candidates should not have reached their 61st birthday on or before the given date.
2. **Maximum Age Limit – 65 Years (As of 30th September 2023):** There is an upper age limit extension for certain candidates. Applicants who have not yet reached the age of 66 as of September 30th, 2023, are eligible to apply. This means that individuals who are within the age range of 60 to 65 years (inclusive) on September 30th, 2023, can still be considered for these positions.
The age restrictions are in place to ensure that candidates have an appropriate level of experience and are in a suitable phase of their careers for the senior-level positions being offered. These restrictions help maintain a balance between experienced candidates and the organization’s long-term needs.

Salary Details:-

Here’s a breakdown of the salary details:

**Salary Details:**
**Level 1: Director and One level below Board – Executive Directors (EDs):**
– Honorarium: Rs.10,000/- per day
**Level 2: Two levels below Board – Chief General Managers (CGMs), General Managers (GMs), Group General Managers (GGMs), Professors or equivalent:**
– Honorarium: Rs.9,000/- per day
**Level 3: Three levels below Board – General Managers (GMs), Associate Professors or equivalent:**
– Honorarium: Rs.9,000/- per day
**Level 4: Four levels below Board – Deputy General Managers (DGMs), Assistant Professors or equivalent:**
– Honorarium: Rs.8,000/- per day
These salary details appear to represent the daily honorarium rates for individuals at various levels of the organization, specifically for roles that are one to four levels below the Board of Directors. The honorarium rates are provided in terms of per-day payments. Honorarium is a type of payment made to individuals for their services, often for specialized work or short-term assignments.
It’s important to note that the honorarium rates might vary based on the position held within the organization and the level of responsibility and expertise associated with that position. Additionally, these illustrative designations (such as Director, EDs, CGMs, etc.) provide a general idea of the types of positions these rates apply to.
Email Address to Send Application:-
Here’s the email address to send the application:
**Email Address to Send Application:**
– Email: de_ed@oilindia.in
Candidates who are interested in applying for the positions mentioned in the previous details should prepare their application documents as per the requirements mentioned in the job announcement or notification. They can then send their applications to the provided email address.
Closing Date:-
 Here’s a description of the date to be remembered:
**Closing Date for Application Submission: 09-09-2023**
This date signifies the deadline by which candidates must submit their application forms for the positions. The closing date, which is September 9, 2023, marks the last day when the organization will accept applications. Any application received after this date might not be considered for the recruitment process.
Candidates interested in applying for the positions mentioned earlier need to ensure that their application materials, including the required documents, are submitted before the specified closing date. It’s recommended to submit applications well in advance to avoid any potential last-minute issues or technical difficulties.
Official Website:-
The provided information gives the official website address for Oil India Limited. Here’s a description of the official website:
**Official Website: www.oil-india.com**
The official website of Oil India Limited serves as the primary online platform for the company to share information, updates, and resources with the public, stakeholders, potential job applicants, and the general audience. The website is designed to provide a comprehensive source of information about the company’s activities, operations, projects, career opportunities, and more.
Key features and sections you might find on the official website include:
1. **Home Page:** The home page typically showcases important announcements, news, and highlights related to Oil India Limited. It might also provide quick links to popular sections of the website.
2. **About Us:** This section offers information about the company’s history, mission, vision, values, and key milestones. It provides an overview of Oil India Limited’s role in the oil and gas industry.
3. **Projects:** This section might detail the various exploration, production, and development projects that the company is currently involved in or has completed in the past.
4. **Careers:** The careers section is likely to include job listings, recruitment information, and details about the application process for various positions within the company.
5. **Investor Relations:** If applicable, this section could provide financial reports, shareholder information, and updates on the company’s financial performance.
6. **Media Center:** Here, you might find press releases, media coverage, images, videos, and other multimedia resources related to Oil India Limited.
7. **Contact Us:** This section typically offers contact details for reaching out to different departments or branches of the company. It might include email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses.
8. **Tenders:** If applicable, this section could provide information about ongoing tenders, procurement processes, and related documents.
9. **CSR Initiatives:** Information about the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and community engagement efforts might be available here.
10. **Downloads:** This section might provide downloadable documents, such as company brochures, annual reports, and other informative materials.